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Winter in Kenora



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Winter in Kenora

People often wonder, what does one do in Kenora and our surrounding areas during the long winter months?

Kenora is famous for 'The Lake Life' and the natural beauty that our area has to offer, and approximately 15,100 people call Kenora home - year round!

Often people visit and end up purchasing homes & cottages in Kenora to enjoy this amazing landscape and everything it has to offer. Most visitors and cottagers come here in the summer months, however, winter can also be a great time to visit Kenora, and there are plenty of things to help pass the time during those chilly months!

The town of Kenora is surrounded by the beautiful Lake of the Woods, which offers plenty of space to enjoy activities such as snow machine rides, ice fishing, winter walks, and even cross-country skiing! Your 4 legged friends can also enjoy the lovely scenery! There are many walking & hiking trails in our area that provide the perfect opportunity to sightsee and enjoy the fresh air!

Nature trails such as Tunnel Island, Vernon Nature Trails, and Mink Bay Trails are great places to visit, especially on a windy day. The tree coverings provide a nice shield from the wind so that you can enjoy your time outside! Rushing River also offers many great trails with beautiful views of the rapids!

Forgotten Lake is also a wonderful site to see during the winter and spring months while the ice is still frozen. A short walk across the lake will lead you to a frozen cascade that provides a perfect picture opportunity!

Mount Evergreen Ski Hill is a hot spot during the winter season, and is a guaranteed fun time for all levels and ages! They offer cross-country trails as well as downhill options that range from the bunny hill for beginners to the terrain park for skilled jumpers. We would be remiss if we didn't mention the newest addition as well - Check out the tubing hill for an all-around great time!

Kenora Real Estate
Kenora Real Estate

Kenora also has 3 outdoor rinks located within the city limits, Rideout rink, Evergreen rink, and Central rink, all of which provide clubhouses for warming up during those particularly cold days. Several residents also take advantage of their ponds or lakes to create their own outdoor rinks.

From the skating trail on Rabbit Lake or Laurenson's Creek, to the many rinks spotted on Lake of the Woods, skating is a great option for winter fun!

Interested in renting or purchasing a cottage? Remember that many of these cabins are, or can be, fully winterized, thereby creating a scenic winter escape! What a great way to enjoy our beautiful Lake of the Woods area year-round!


These are only a few options available to enjoy this great area that we call home. How do you like to pass the time at your home or cottage during the winter?

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