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Jeff Strachan

Jeff Strachan is a real estate agent in Kenora, and has been helping clients buy and sell homes, cottages, and commercial properties since joining Century 21 Northern Choice Realty Ltd in 2018.

Jeff’s family moved to Kenora from Winnipeg in 1964 and he has lived here ever since. He absolutely loves Kenora and the surrounding area! “Summers are fantastic, and the surrounding forests and lakes always make for breathtaking views and a great time!”

Jeff was also an avid skier in his younger days and used to spend every weekend at the Mt. Evergreen Ski Club.

Jeff used to be a part of the Kinsmen Club and Shaw TV Community Television where he would interview Kenora locals, as well as cover various events. He states “I really enjoyed doing that because I love meeting and talking with new people.”

Jeff prides himself on being honest with his clients and doing everything he possibly can to help them.


“I am the type of person who will see a puzzled look on a client's face and make sure to ask them if they have any questions.”.

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