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Dryden Lakes

The region around Dryden is home to some of the most stunning lakes in the province!

From large, sprawling bodies of water to smaller, more serene lakes, there is something for everyone in this breathtaking part of the country. Here, we will introduce you to five of the most notable lakes in the area: Wabigoon Lake, Eagle Lake, Ghost Lake, Mavis Lake, and Thunder Lake.

Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake is a remote, secluded body of water that is well known for its excellent fishing opportunities!

Thunder Lake is also the home of Aaron Provincial Park, which is conveniently located off the Trans-Canada Highway. It features sandy beaches, clear water, and public boat launches, making it perfect for water activities like swimming, boating, and fishing! This is also an excellent area to enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and wildlife spotting.

Dryden Real Estate
Dryden Real Estate

Ghost & Mavis Lake

Ghost Lake and Mavis Lake are small, tranquil lakes, located just a short distance away from Dryden! These lakes are surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills, offering a serene natural environment that is ideal for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. They also have many fantastic trails to check out! You can view a guide to the trails here

Whether you are looking to spend a day exploring the lake by boat or simply relaxing on the shore, Mavis & Ghost Lake are great destinations!

Wabigoon Lake

Wabigoon Lake is one of the largest lakes near Dryden and spans over 60 kilometers in length. Wabigoon Lake is a popular destination for boaters, anglers, and campers alike, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The lake is known for its clear waters, which are ideal for swimming and fishing, and its scenic views, which are truly breathtaking.

Wabigoon Lake is part of Ojibway traditional territory and is home to Wabigoon Lake First Nation, while Dinorwic Lake is part of a chain of lakes that includes Wabigoon Lake & Wabigoon River, and features excellent muskie and walleye fishing!

Dryden Real Estate

Between Kenora and Dryden, and approximately 190 km north of International Falls, you can enjoy the beautiful Eagle Lake! Eagle Lake is one of the larger lakes in the area, with around 68,464 acres of water, and fantastic fishing for walleye, muskie, lake trout, and bass. It is also possible to catch a glimpse of all kinds of animals, such as deer, moose, bear, wolves, lynx, otters, beavers, loons, and eagles.

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