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Clearwater Bay

Located approximately 29 kilometers west of Kenora, you can find the beautiful Clearwater Bay!

When driving from Winnipeg to Kenora, this breathtaking area will be your first look at Lake of the Woods, and it does not disappoint!

For this reason, Clearwater Bay is an excellent area for those who are looking for a property that is a bit closer to Winnipeg. This area also features the Clearwater Market, which has amenities such as a restaurant, gift shop, and convenience store, plus a nearby LCBO.


Clearwater Bay offers a variety of properties to choose from, from high-profile to low-profile, all-year cabins, seasonal cottages, and even vacant land!

Regardless of the property, you will almost always be guaranteed beautiful scenic views!

Those who are looking for something more remote might be interested in buying property on one of the many islands located in nearby waterways; Deception Bay, Kendall Inlet, Rush Bay, Ptarmigan Bay, and more!


This location is the perfect spot for both summer cottagers and year-round residents!

Clearwater Bay

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